Kayak Grey and Serrano Rivers

Two of the most iconic kayak trips in the region combined into one, this 3-day journey takes you from Grey Lake with its towering icebergs down Grey- and Serrano rivers to Puerto Natales. From our top-quality sea kayaks you'll see the diverse landscapes gliding past as the journey takes you through this rugged and desolate place. The rivers stream steadily along, and you'll have to paddle to keep the kayak going in the right direction. There will be all sorts of weather and in the evening the warmth of good and healthy food and the comfort and proteccion of top of the line camping gear.

You'll be surprised at all the flora and fauna there is to see along the shores. Animals are not startled by the quiet kayaks and welcome you into their world. Maybe a few curious horses will walk with you for a little bit from time to time. Before boarding the cutter back to Puerto Natales there you'll paddle in Serrano lagoon right on front of Serrano glacier.. breathtaking! 


  • Our transport will take you from your hotel to the shores of Grey Lake in Torres del Paine National Park. Before beginning the adventure on the river, we will take time to enjoy a snack admiring the beautiful wilderness that surrounds Grey Lake. While enjoying the view of Paine Grande and Glacier Grey, our guide will give a brief explanation of safety and instructions for paddling efficiently. You will navigate the lake and river for approximately 1.5 hours, all the while paddling through floes of ice that have descended from Glacier Grey. These icebergs are scattered throughout the lake and are sculpted into incredible shapes by the wind and sun, before being pushed to the shores of the lake. After paddling in Grey Lake, we will begin the descent of Grey River. The river snakes through deep canyons with steep rock faces, creating sections of rapids that are exciting and entertaining. We will continue to paddle next to the Paine Massif for 25 km, the length of River Grey until it joins with the clear blue water of Serrano River. After paddling for 3-4 hours we arrive at Serrano Village, where we'll provide you with a pic-nic lunch.
    Overnight at Los Andes Camp site.


  • We will load the kayaks and make last preparations for the day. We’ll start paddling the Serrano River up to the Serrano waterfall. Here, we will carry the Kayaks for about 50 mt. along the shore to avoid the falls. We´ll keep paddling through the Serrano River, on our way to Serrano Glacier. All the while we'll be accompanied by amazing views of Tyndall Glacier and Geike Range and surrounded by beautiful Lenga and Cypress forests that live on the river shores. At Balmaceda Mount we find the waters of Ultima Esperanza Fjord. In these same waters the explorer Juan Ladrilleros desperately sought an outlet to the Atlantic in 1558. The surroundings have hardly changed since then and from this historical point we will discover the beautiful view of Serrano Glacier.
    Overnight at Balmaceda campsite.

  • After breakfast, we'll carry the Kayaks for about 30 mts. to the Serrano Lagoon (where the Serrano Glacier ends). Here we’ll paddle between the blue icebergs that break off from the front of the enormous Glacier.* At noon we’ll take a boat back to Puerto Natales, through the Ultima Esperanza Fjord stopping around 14:30 at Perales Ranch, for a traditional Patagonian Lamb Barbecue (included). We´ll arrive to Puerto Natales at 18:00 hrs.

    *Sometimes the Lagoon can be blocked with too many pieces of ice, if this is the case, it won’t be possible to paddle in the lake